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Custom hand-made, unique earrings

I use various types of beads and charms …
… glass, fimo, plastic, silver metal and swarovski crystal beads

Many of the charms I use are new store bought charms, but there are others I have found from ‘thrifting’ that are one-of-a-kind and possibly more collectible vintage pieces.

I am making these as a hobby activity and each one is different and one-of-a-kind; there are no two alike.
I do not guarantee perfect craftsmanship on the assembly of each earring/s, so there may be very slight faults in each.
I do, however, strive to do my very best to create my own ‘perfect’ piece of art!

Please write me a note describing the earring/s you would like and I will let you know if it is still available.  I can also ‘possibly’ make a custom order for you if there is something specific you would like … just send me a message!